Empowering communities and everyone to live their lives fully until the end.

Everyone can have access to excellent palliative care when we work together.
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Improving access

Reaching everyone

Addressing need

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Strong, enduring collaboration between community groups and health providers.

Honohono Tātou Katoa is about better palliative care for everyone.

Palliative care is about quality of life. It provides total care: psychosocial, spiritual,  physical and cultural. Health services can’t do this alone. Communities do this a lot of the time.

During caregiving, dying and grieving 95% of the time is spent alone, with friends and other family, with neighbours or work colleagues, with pets or with the internet or the television. The other 5% of the time is spent with healthcare staff.

The combination of community-based and health-based organisations is stronger than either alone.

You or your organisation may already be making a difference, or wanting to make a difference, to caregiving, dying and grieving towards the end of life. By partnering with Honohono Tātou Katoa, whether your organisation is health or community-based, we stand to build community-wide palliative care capacity, enhance the quality of palliative care, and reach everyone with palliative needs.

Is everyone getting care they need?

Palliative care is up to all of us

“A public health (compassionate communities) approach views the community as an equal partner in the long and complex task of providing quality healthcare at the end of life”
Public Health Palliative Care International

Complementing and enhancing care, not replacing it

The Public Health Palliative Care unit at La Trobe University, Melbourne and its Healthy End of Life Project* (HELP) is one of the seeds of inspiration for our work.

Joining a global movement

 We acknowledge too the work of Pallium Canada, The Groundswell Project and The British Columbia Centre for Palliative Care for their collective vision, action and inspiration.

Equal access to palliative care starts with a plan

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Identify Goals

What outcomes do we want and work together on?

Discuss Ideas

What dreams do we have?

Measure Impact

Let’s track the difference we’re making.

…or is there another way to approach this?

Partnership with Honohono Tātou Katoa means

Empowering everyone to live every moment.
Palliative care is so much more about living than dying.
Inclusivity and diversity. Founded on aroha (compassion), whakanui (respect) and Tapu o te
Tangata (dignity) within every community.

Greater impact together. When we stand together we are stronger.

Resourcefulness and resilience. Together, we share our network of connections and problems, and find or create solutions.

Seeing change. People, whānau and communities getting the care they need, when they need it.